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You have got to teach young athletes proper weight lifting form

Many young athletes go for number of reps and amount of weight, and forget proper form. You have to teach them proper mechanics or they are going to hurt themselves.

You can train speed & agility nights, days, early mornings — many times, many ways

Have you heard the concept “multiple streams of income”? Top trainers run groups/boot camps early mornings and after work/evening. They do one-on-one training with kids, teens, adults, amateurs, and potential pros. They do camps with athletes. They work with school and club sports teams. The help to manage gyms. You can do all of these [...]

Tires and other objects for increase strength, endurance, and power

You can push them, flip them, pull them (with a chain attached), carry them over your head…And tires are only one object you can use to get results and keep athletes engaged.

Rocket ropes are incredible for improving speed, agility, and conditioning

I love the rocket rope and there are some insane drills you can do to help athletes get stronger, faster, and more conditioned!

Cone drills for speed & agility

There are thousands of variations of cone drills. You aren’t doing agility work if you aren’t doing cone drills — teaching various cuts, soft touch, chopping, proper change of direction, proper start and stops. There are almost unlimited ways to arrange the cones and challenge athletes!

Resistance work for speed, strength, and endurance

Athletes of all ages benefit from a variety of resistance work: bungees, ankle bands, and of course the rocket rope. Here are some shots of some tennis players doing resistance work on the court.

Carry Drills for Strength, Speed, and Endurance

There are many variations of carry drills to build strength, endurance, and power. I have some of my more advanced athletes carry each other up the stairs in the 42-story Bank of America building in Tampa!

Quick Foot Ladders on Tennis Court — I don’t even play tennis

I don’t play tennis, but I help lots of tennis players become quicker, more agile, and stronger. The quick foot ladder — a good quality, long one — makes a huge difference.

Speed Tag — You have to add it to your training routines

Speed tag is a great, fun way to get athletes working on speed, agility, quickness, and conditioning. Two athletes; one sits, the other stands. On the trainer’s whistle or clap, the race is on. There are all sorts of crazy variations. Works great in small groups and large camps!

Next In-Person Speed & Agility Training Scheduled — Book Now

We are excited to announce that our next in-person Certified Speed & Agility Training Program is scheduled for February 23 and 24, 2013, in Tampa/St. Pete Florida. Make your plans now, because attendance is extremely limited! You get BOTH Certifications – Certified Speed & Agility Trainer; and Certified Youth Athlete Performance Trainer. Location: St. Petersburg, [...]