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The Athlete’s Base: The most important factor for quick feet, power, and endurance

There are a number of speed & agility drills that contribute to building up an athlete’s speed, quickness, power and endurance. The trainer/coach may have one drill that drains the body quicker than most but it will never be able to apply pressure or condition every muscle in the body. That’s why it is good [...]

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Register now for our in-person training and save $150 off the regular price of $350. You pay just $200, which is an unbeatable deal in this economy. Plus, Tampa/St. Pete Florida is absolutely beautiful this time of year. Click here for more information about the seminar, and input the coupon code SPEED when you register [...]

The Importance of Proper Form for Clients, and Intensity of Focus for Trainers

Many people use gym equipment without enough guidance and support about proper form. Trainers must have intensity of focus to keep the client’s posture and form correct, motivate them to get more benefits than they would by working out alone, and makes sure they stay safe.