Working out with my students and former Navy Seals

This past weekend was a pleasure because I took some of my more advanced athletes to work out with former Navy Seals at my gym. The set up was phenomenal, with all sorts of great challenges: a crazy variety of bars to climb and pull from, resistance work using bands, and a wide mix of routines and set ups. Navy Seals are incredible. One of my fellow trainers is a former Seal and recruits for them. He tells me that hundreds of applicants show up, and barely 1 out of 200 make it to the next level, and the wash out rate continues from there. I did my time in the Army and it helped me immensely in my training, fitness, and mental toughness, and now it is an honor to bring my students and work out with former Seals.

Congratulations to my student Kelsey Hill

One of the great privileges of being a fitness trainer is seeing young athletes get signed to great college programs. Recently I have had students get signed to The Citadel and FSU. Now Kelsey Hill had her signing day, and will be playing basketball at Spring Hill College in Alabama. She is a wonderful person and great athlete, and I wish her the best!

If you are a fitness professional, I hope you also have opportunities to work with the most promising athletes in your area. It is a great way to make a difference, and it also helps you get known as a leading fitness trainer. To do that, you need high-energy workout routines that get results, especially in the areas of speed, agility, strength and endurance.

Nothing beats climbing 42 stories of stairs in 5 minutes and 51 seconds

I believe that fitness trainers need to walk the talk. I’ve been doing competitive stair climbing competitions for a few years now, racing up buildings from Tampa’s Bank of America building to the Sears Tower in Chicago. This weekend I had the privilege of being on a team from my community — many of them my fitness training clients — that competed to climb the Bank of America building in Tampa again. That’s 42 stories. Our team came in second overall. I came in 5th overall, and 3rd for my age group. That’s out of 1500 runners!

These types of competitions — whether iron man, mudders, running, biking, swimming, martial arts, or team sports — keep you on the top of your game and give you plenty of things to talk about to pump up your clients. Plus, they add to your own credibility. Get out there!

Top high school athletes training on speed & agility

Here are some top national football prospects, including Ryan Green (a top running back in the nation, already signed to Florida State), Matthew, and TJ experiencing what I call “the dead leg syndrome” during a good quick feet drill. They all understand that in order to build up, we must break down! Keep it simple and sweet!

The Athlete’s Base: The most important factor for quick feet, power, and endurance

There are a number of speed & agility drills that contribute to building up an athlete’s speed, quickness, power and endurance. The trainer/coach may have one drill that drains the body quicker than most but it will never be able to apply pressure or condition every muscle in the body. That’s why it is good to have a wide variety of quick foot drills, endurance drills, reaction drills, explosion drills……………

The most important part to this equation is the “relay system” between the athlete and the trainer when performing each and every drill. The athlete can only correct mistakes, stay intense through the drill , perform well under pressure, and come to understand the benefits of the burn, if the trainer points these things out while the heat is on. It’s like being in the moment. You only have one shot at this, make it your best!

While doing drills, it is crucial to makes sure that the athlete has a solid base, form, and technique.


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The Importance of Proper Form for Clients, and Intensity of Focus for Trainers

Many people use gym equipment without enough guidance and support about proper form. Trainers must have intensity of focus to keep the client’s posture and form correct, motivate them to get more benefits than they would by working out alone, and makes sure they stay safe.

You have got to teach young athletes proper weight lifting form

Many young athletes go for number of reps and amount of weight, and forget proper form. You have to teach them proper mechanics or they are going to hurt themselves.

You can train speed & agility nights, days, early mornings — many times, many ways

Have you heard the concept “multiple streams of income”? Top trainers run groups/boot camps early mornings and after work/evening. They do one-on-one training with kids, teens, adults, amateurs, and potential pros. They do camps with athletes. They work with school and club sports teams. The help to manage gyms. You can do all of these things! These photos don’t look fancy, but good trainers have scores of loyal clients coming to group events and doing one-on-one work. Don’t be one of those fitness trainers making a few dollars an hour overseeing the weight room and treadmills! You can do so much more, and there are tons of athletes — and parents of athletes — who need dynamic, engaging trainers who get results.

Tires and other objects for increase strength, endurance, and power

You can push them, flip them, pull them (with a chain attached), carry them over your head…And tires are only one object you can use to get results and keep athletes engaged.