Nothing beats climbing 42 stories of stairs in 5 minutes and 51 seconds

I believe that fitness trainers need to walk the talk. I’ve been doing competitive stair climbing competitions for a few years now, racing up buildings from Tampa’s Bank of America building to the Sears Tower in Chicago. This weekend I had the privilege of being on a team from my community — many of them my fitness training clients — that competed to climb the Bank of America building in Tampa again. That’s 42 stories. Our team came in second overall. I came in 5th overall, and 3rd for my age group. That’s out of 1500 runners!

These types of competitions — whether iron man, mudders, running, biking, swimming, martial arts, or team sports — keep you on the top of your game and give you plenty of things to talk about to pump up your clients. Plus, they add to your own credibility. Get out there!